AmeriGrafix has the know-how and professionals to create an amazing array of striking embroidered items.

We custom design or have a large selection of stock designs that may also be customized to your specific needs. Embroidery is a unique process that generates extremely vibrant stitching on items such as shirts, sweaters, caps, jackets, uniforms and so much more. When the program for a particular embroidery design is written, or digitized, the digitizer plans every area of the design and determines the length of each stitch, in what direction it will go, and in what sequence the various colors will be applied. The computer then determines how quickly and in what direction the machine needs to move the rack in order for the needle to sew in the correct places on the fabric. The end result is a rich, dimensional "painting" created from thousands of colored stitches. At AmeriGrafix we are happy to do your embroidery one item at a time or by the hundreds.